Jamie (aka “Sunshine”) returns in 2015 as Earth Camp Director

We are thrilled to have Jamie Malone return as Earth Camp Director for 2015!  As the 1st Earth Camp Director here at Wildflowers School,  many of you may remember camp with Jamie at the helm.  She’s kept a presence in some format in the years since, but now she’s back, running all the camps this year.  Her enthusiasm & joy are infectious to children and all around her.  All campers choose a nature name here & Jamie very aptly is “Sunshine”.   She has so many great ideas for camp, some new and some tried & true.  I don’t know how she packs all the fun into a day that she does.  Jamie worked camps for many years before she became a teacher & a busy mom.  She also used to lead teen groups in the wilderness for months without even a match.  Her skills as a leader, though, are innate, always pro-active in creating a safe, harmonious, & fun time for everyone.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to have your child with Sunshine this summer!

Join us in welcoming Jamie back to Earth Camp for 2015!

On “Themes”

People often ask if we have weekly themes. Themes make sense for camps that run for 8 or 12 weeks, attempting some differentiation as the summer winds on. But we like to keep things small, with only 3 weeks and only 14 kids per week.  With such a small group, we are able to cater somewhat to the needs of the children that week. Some groups are all about the adventure, wanting to stalk ducks or build tracking boxes or climb in the trees on belay. Others are very interested in the crafts and we’ll learn cordage, build looms to weave grass mats, etc. We might have a week with young imaginative children and keep focused on “solving mysteries” as we follow wonder, or make fairy houses in the woods. Some kids love the gardens, some love the chickens, some love the creek. We have a routine, a schedule and a plan, but we can look a week ahead when we set up that plan to see who the kids are going to be.  It’s essential in this over-programmed life children lead to experience some of what summer used to be, too, playing in the creek and building mud castles.

Instead of weekly themes, we’ll build daily themes so that everyone gets the whole experience of Earth Camp. Some possible themes are: adventure, animals, plants, earth, air, fire, water, shelter, food, energy, connection, web of life, and primitive skills. Within our themes, our days are filled with garden projects, farm animals, wild plant and animal hikes, tracking, bird language, nature wanders, nature journals, fire making and other primitive skills, homesteading skills, & more.

With our “Special Guests” we feature a couple of times a week, our “Elder Storytime”, our sense of adventure and love of new activities, and the reality of time fitting it all into a short 3 weeks, every week is a little different. For more info, don’t hesitate to ask us. Keep checking this blog, too, as we’ll occasionally update you as we schedule our guests & activities, too.

Earth Camp 2014 Dates Announced

The dates for Earth Camp 2014 have been set. There are only 3 weeks this year, so register early to ensure your space. We are looking forward to seeing the returning campers, and meeting new ones!

The dates are:

Week 1 – June 23-27
Week 2 – August 4-8
Week 3 – August 11-15

Our rates are unchanged from last year.