New: Sliding Scale

Like many other local camps, we’ve switched to a sliding scale camp fee.  It breaks my heart every year knowing that there are kids whose families can’t afford camp.  I have in the handbook that I offer partial worktrades, but many don’t even get that far, assuming they can only afford those cheap camps with 19 year old counselors, basically daycare.  Yet if all the other families just pitched in a little extra, we could, in effect, create basically a partial scholarship for families on the fence about a quality nature camp.  If we get over a certain figure we’ve outlined, we’ll allocate the remainder to true scholarships to further help create opportunities for kids to experience the nature connection of Earth Camp. An added benefit for everyone is that I believe it will increase the diversity here.  If we get a decent scholarship fund, we’ll be able to reach out to new families and communities more.  I encourage you to open your heart and give a little extra, sharing the gift of nature connection with kids who might not have had much experience even playing in natural spaces.

All that said, please don’t turn away from Earth Camp for any guilt of not “paying enough”.  You have my trust and support that everyone will just do what’s right for their family.  If you want guidelines, suggestions, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.  It’s all confidential, of course.

With much gratitude,

Bev & Buzz