LOTS NEW.  For tonight, a quick note about staff changes.

I’m sorry the camp info’s coming out a bit late this year, but I wanted to find the very best staff, continuing the high quality Earth Camp’s known for.  Sunshine (Jamie Malone), long-time director, is taking the summer to just be with her 4 kids & hubby, camping a month in Colorado, etc.  We’ll sure miss her sunshine here at camp. She leaves some hard shoes to fill.  Vanessa, original founder of Earth Camp, was too good to be true, back after many years, gracing us with her wisdom and cheer for a few weeks last year.  She’s back to being a mom of her 3 year old & her great career as a nature-based therapist (she’s an MFT).

My search paid off & once again, Earth Camp has some of the highest quality staff you’ll find.  Go to the Bios page by Saturday night to read about our new awesome mentors and directors.  They all have bachelor’s degrees or higher.  They learned their skills and inspiration from people associated with Wilderness Awareness School, Weaving Earth, the Regenerative Design Institute, Wilderness Torah, Infinite Wild Immersion, & Second Nature.   Buzz & I will be in & out as usual, playing guitar & singing & showing the kids cool stuff and leading awesome activities on occasion.  But we’ll be there every day at our new exciting camp for older kids (see the next blog for more info!).

I can hardly wait to tell you about each of our new staff of 4 outstanding mentors.  Those bios should be up on the website, along with all the important info like dates & rates & registration forms, tomorrow.  New blogs to come on our new sliding scale and our new camp for ages 8-14, “Rising Phoenix“, which will include overnights!

Trying to always be in a state of gratitude,


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