Week One Schedule

Here is what you can expect for our fun week! There is a lot here, so you are welcome to customize your experience and include as much or as little of the “missions” as feels right for your family, including the OPTIONAL zoom closing circle.

Day 1:

Zoom Call 9-10

            We will begin our week of camp by introducing ourselves and playing a team building “get to know you” game. We will all get our “Nature Names” on the opening day, encouraging the wild parts of ourselves to emerge through the week! Next, the day’s missions will be assigned and instructions/lessons given. Then we release into the wild, with inspiration to get out and get moving!


10:00-11:30 Small Group Mentoring time: 3 campers at a time meet for a small group mentor time with Alyssa for zoom Knife Certification (age 7+) and Sharing time.

10-11 Create a Nature Journal – This will be used throughout the week and the kids will be encouraged to jot something down, sketch, put leaves they find, etc. to track their discoveries throughout the day.

11-11:30 Find a Sit Spot – Journal a picture of what it looks like from your sit spot

11:30-12 Ornithology Bird Bingo, Bird Language

12:00-12:30 LUNCH

12:30- 1 Outdoor Challenge Find a tree to climb

1-2:30 Make Cordage 

Learn this important survival skill of natural rope making and how to apply it to crafts and shelter building. The kids will have to first find the materials (this is half the fun!). They will need to have access to a wild spot that has cordage making fibers available. This would include:  Willow Bark, Cattail leaves, Tule, Milkweed, straw, or even tall grass. Use your new Knife Skills to harvest!

3-3:30 Create your Camp Necklace

3:30 Zoom Closing Circle:  optional check in time to wrap up the day and share your accomplishments and your challenges.

Day 2:

9-10  Zoom Opening CircleShare and Connect! Introduce the days activities. Learn about navigating where you are and how to blend into where you are! We will even play a game of hide and seek!

10-10:15 Visit Sit Spot and make a Journal Entry

10:15-11 Can you turn your sit spot into a Bird Blind? make a spot the birds can’t find you? How are you going to camoflouge?  Get Messy and cover with leaves mud or sticks to be able to sneak! Practice Fox Walking techniques to see if you can sneak up on an animal and observe them!

11-11:30 Make a “Windchime” Decoration out of found objects

11:30-12 Make a map of your yard, your neighborhood, or your favorite park.

11:30-12 Build a Bird Blind : Can you make a spot the birds can’t find you? How are you going to camoflouge?

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1 Outdoor Challenge    Scavenger Hunt

1-2 Craft…Make a Bird Feeder.

2-3 Special Guest CHRISTINE ELDER for bird sketching class on ZOOM

Closing Circle

Day 3:

9-10 Zoom  Opening Circle

 SURVIVAL DAY Learn about needs and gain the skills to meet them.

10-11:30 Small Group Mentoring hours

10:00-10:15 Visit Sit Spot and make a Journal Entry

10:15-12:00 Build a Shelter/Make a Fairy or Gnome House

Find out what makes a good Shelter and how to make an effective one. Then the campers get to try out their new knowledge to make a shelter for themselves, and/or make a mini one for their favorite forest friends!

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1 Outdoor Challenge (find a place that an animal calls home) (Nature Mandala)

1-2:15 Wild Food Hunting and plant identification

2:15-3:00 Craft : Forest Faces and Mud Monsters


3:30 Zoom Closing Circle

Day 4:

9-10 Zoom Opening Circle

10-10:15 Sit Spot and make a journal entry

10-11 Make a Solar Oven

11-12 Natural Dyes and Tie Dye

12-12:30 LUNCH

12:30-1 Outdoor Challenge  Timed Obstacle Course

1-2 Whittling Find a stick to whittle and whittle away! OR for the little ones, a butter  knife and a bar of soap

2:30-3:30 Baking in our solar oven

3:00-3:30 Special Guest for ELDER STORY TIME


Day 5:

9-10 OPENING CIRCLE ….stewardship Pay it forward

10-10:15 Sit Spot/Nature Journal

10:15-11 Plant seeds of your choosing.  “PLANT A DREAM”

11-12 CRAFT

12-12:30 LUNCh

12:30-1 Outdoor Challenge

1-3:30  Stewardship Project



The structure of the week will be largely the same, but with new daily missions, crafts, outdoor challenges, friends, and more!!!