“Virtual” Earth Camp 2020

We are holding a “Virtual Earth Camp” in 2020.   Alyssa Buswell, daughter of owners Bev & Buzz, will be our mentor.  She was one of the co-founders of Wildflowers Nature School 12 years ago, has been teaching preschool for a number of years, has been teaching virtual preschool since late March, and is starting a Nature Pods group in Ashland this summer (where she lives).  Kids find her joy, enthusiasm, and sparkle contagious!  We have so much gratitude to Alyssa for this awesome program she’s created for you.

Peek ahead at Virtual Camp:  The end of the week before, Alyssa will email the next week’s activities to parents with a minimal material list to gather.  Since we’re a nature school, part of the fun is going outside to gather natural materials.  It’s one of the major ways that people connect with nature.  Then M-F  9-10 am the kids (& parents if they want, to know what info child got & didn’t get) attends Zoom to feel a sense of belonging to a larger group and for Alyssa to introduce the day’s activities and check-in with kids how the activities from the day before went.  Then during the day the child has cool projects to work on and great nature play prompts.  Because of our belief in mentoring, Alyssa has a couple of times built into the week to do zoom with 3 kids at a time to teach crafts, knife safety, and check in deeper with the kids.

STAY TUNED!  The next blog will be by Alyssa unveiling the details of the new Virtual Earth Camp!